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Hi, my name is Fernando Munoz de Toro Alimonda and I have graduated as a Bachelor
in Game Design at Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida. I gained experience in

Game Design Object-Oriented Programming Level Design and Development .
What makes me passionate about game design is the combination
of technology, creativity and culture –how multiple disciplines
come together to create an interactive experience.
Whether I am working on a puzzle or a script,
I do it with passion.  
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Stories of Magitech

Menu & Audio Management, Puzzle & Level Design

Stories of Magitech is a top-down action-adventure dungeon-crawler game with a focus on puzzles and combat (and is also my capstone graduation project). It's heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

I joined the team of students working on it early on, but after they already built the base skeleton of the game. Once I learned how the game's code worked, I mostly focused on adding new puzzle mechanics, making every menu, and designing 2 out of the 3 levels.


Audio Management
Scene Management

Student Project

Circuits is a 2D puzzle game where the objective is to move through the numbered circles in order, then reaching the goal. The two catches are that the player cannot stop moving, and that they block off their route with a wall - much like Tron.

Circuits was a solo project, so I designed and developed it on my own. From the start, much of my time during the project was spent finding playtesters and getting as much feedback as possible to learn from.

Player Controller
Scene Manager

Game Designer

Scraps (November 2018 - January 2019)
Game Designer | Toxic Water Works | Unity C#

  • Designed a large, vertical level

  • Water-level puzzles introduced and developed to the player

  • Done alone, part of bigger game


I was born in July 1998 in Argentina, and lived there for 18 years. In my childhood, when I wasn't voraciously reading, I spent my time being creative and writing stories. My education was completely bilingual English-Spanish and I also studied Portuguese for three years. I travelled to many countries as a child, which allowed me to experience a variety of different cultures.

My biggest interest, however, had always been video games.

In December 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design at Full Sail University, Orlando, using Unity Engine and C#.  I was awarded a grant and scholarship for my studies.

Since graduation, I've continued studying and learning on my own. I learned C++ and Unreal Engine in order to keep up with the shift in the gaming industry's focus, and continue to practice game design & development. 

As for more personal skills, I consider myself very concerned with fine, specific details; I am highly focused, persistent, and enthusiastic, have great passion for game design & development. I have a propensity for in-depth research, which gives me deep knowledge of certain subjects.

My preferred type of games are melee-focused PvP games such as fighting games, or games with intricate and challenging mechanics the likes of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

Technical Skills

  • Unity / C#

  • Unreal Engine / C++

  • ROBLOX Studio / Lua

  • SQL

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

Other Software Skills

  • Perforce

  • Google Docs

  • Trello

  • DocHub

  • OBS

  • DaVinci Resolve

  • Autodesk Maya

Game Design Skills

  • Balancing

  • Level design

  • Interactive system design

  • Puzzle design

  • Player-versus-player design

Boca Raton, Florida

Tel: +1 (954) 348 3038

  • LinkedIn

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